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professional development

This can be for an individual school, district wide, subject area committees and working groups-


PD can be focused on curricular areas, seasonal activities and events, family and community engagement or as needed in the school

indigenous student support

One on one virtual visits to support Indigenous students who do not have an Indigenous person attached to their school to whom they can talk and related. 

leadership support

Roots of Resilience can provide advisory support to system leaders as needed.

virtual classroom visits

Roots of Resilience can provide learning sessions for students that combine knowledge and experience with interactive challenges to expand learning.

*We have a network of Elders and Knowledge Keepers that we can bring in as next steps once we have delivered foundational knowledge.

custom professional learning 

Upon request we can explore other possibilities to support Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth, staff, parents, social service providers, and school community.



Get in touch to learn more and/or to book your session with us!

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