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Supporting systems to decolonize and work to eliminate racism, sexism and discrimination through an Indigenous cultural lens. With our platform, we will create space for Indigenous reclamation and resurgence by honouring and amplifying Indigenous voices, knowledge and experiences. 

Our name, Roots of Resilience, embodies our individual and collective roles and responsibilities within our kinship systems that are rooted in our strength as Indigenous women. Our resilience is rooted in our deep connections to our ancestors, the land, and all our relations.  Through the teachings and spirit of our Elders, families and community we will nurture the seeds of change for our future 7 generations.

From our own roots of resilience, we will share knowledge through various platforms that uplift community voice and support service providers across systems as they work to decolonize their practices. To this end online resources, panel discussions, webinars, live Q&A's, workshops, presentations and more will be made accessible. 

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